Google Apps Integration

Zoho Subscriptions is integrated with Google Apps to arm you with a host of tools to make your Subscription operations nimble. With this integration, you get the best of both worlds - a powerful subscription manager in tandem with Google’s varied collaboration, storage, communication products and services.

A single sign-in provides seamless integration for users, making it easy for Google Apps customers to access all their Zoho Subscriptions content when logged into Google Account.

In this document, you will be learning about the following,

Installing the Zoho Subscriptions app in Google Apps

GApps Login Screen

GApps Console

Marketplace Apps

Zoho Subscriptions GApps

Launch ZI GApps

You will now be asked to create a new organization.

Import Users

You have the option to import your GApps Users into Zoho Subscriptions. You can do so by following the steps below,

Click on the Gear icon present at the top right corner of the screen and select Users. Click on the Invite User button and select Import Users from GApps.

Invite Users Gapps

Once the users have been imported select the user from the drop-down and their role automatically gets populated that is an admin in google contacts retains his/her rights in Zoho Subscriptions and the staff remain the same in order to preserve privacy and access rights.

Import Customers

You have the option to import customers from your GApps account into Zoho Subscriptions. You can do so by following the steps below,

Navigate to the Customers tab. Click on the menu icon on the top right corner and select Import Customers from GApps from the drop-down.

Import Contacts Gapps Menu

In the screen that follows, you will be asked to select the customers you wish to import from GApps into Zoho Subscriptions. Select the Customers from the list and confirm by clicking on the Import button.

Invite Contacts Gapps

Updating a customer in Zoho Subscriptions:

If you wish to update the details of a Customer that already exists in Zoho Subscriptions, navigate to the Customers tab and click on the customer you wish to update. Click on More on the right most corner and select Fetch this customer From GApps from the drop-down.

Update customer Gapps

Click on Reimport to confirm your actions in the pop-up that follows.

Confirm Update

Single Organization for all Users

If you are already a part of an organization as an admin or second admin in GApps, and if your colleague has already integrated GApps with Zoho Subscriptions and created the same organization in Zoho Subscriptions, you can request access for the same organization in Zoho Subscriptions as in GApps by just clicking on Request Access as shown below.

New Org