• What is Partner-Customer Mapping?

    Partner customer mapping is a process for Zoho Partners to claim that they're working with customers for their Zoho needs.

  • Why do we need mapping?

    Mapping ensures that Zoho is aware that you, the Partner, are working with a customer. This way, the partner earns any associated commissions, and Zoho can loop you in for any support or other requirements from the customer.

  • What are the ways to map a customer to yourself, the Partner?

  • What's the best way to map a customer?

    While all the mapping methods lead to the same outcome (associating a customer with a Partner Account), we strongly recommend getting customers through a sign-up link on your website for a hassle-free association.

  • What is the 'Tag a Partner' process?

    Partners need to generate a one-time unique Partner Code in the Partner Store using this link. The customer will need to add the code in the tag partner page to indicate that they are working with the partner.

  • Who can Tag a Partner?

    Only the Admin users in the Customer Zoho Account can access and Tag a Partner.

  • What is an ideal Partner Code?

    Partner Codes should be simple and easy to remember. The allowed partner code standard is listed in the partner code page.

  • Why should we bother the customer?

    Tag a Partner is a method that provides a uniform platform for all partners and customers, and keeps Zoho in the middle of Partner-Customer communication. As a partner, you have a closer relationship with the customer, so it's much easier to get confirmation from the customer, without Zoho to email or use any other confirmation method.

  • My customer doesn't want to tag me as a partner. What should I do?

    Partner Tagging requests should be taken care of at an early stage, when a partner starts working on a consulting project for a customer. If you add more products down the line, you can simply request adding the products as you go. It will help being clear with the customer that it is for the benefit of both, the customer and the partner to Tag you, so that you can earn your well-deserved commissions and they can get all the necessary support and assistance from you.

  • Is tagging available for all Zoho Products?

    Yes. A customer can tag you for all the Zoho Products you are working on very easily. Please refer to this video.

  • Can a customer tag multiple partners for different Zoho Products?

    Yes. A customer may be working with one partner for Zoho CRM, but another partner for Zoho Books. Tagging allows a customer to be associated with multiple partners.

  • Can a customer transfer a tag from one partner to another?

    Yes. When a customer wants to move from one partner to another for a Zoho Service, they need add the new partner's code in the Tag Partner page. An email will be sent to the customer and also the old partner will be informed about the change.

  • Will Zoho showcase the Partner Code to customers?

    Yes, we are planning to launch an updated and much more detailed partner listing in the Zoho Website partner page. We will highlight your Partner Code here so that customers can easily look you up.

  • What else does Zoho recommend for making the Partner Code more visible?

    Zoho strongly recommends that partners add their partner code in their email signatures, on their website, and other media that they frequently use while communicating with customers. The idea is to make sure that it's easy for your customer to tag you as a partner.

  • Can I track my pending tag requests?

    Yes, you can simply add the customer email id in the "Track Customer Tags" section. If they're already a Zoho user, the email address will be added to the Tag Tracking List. It will not trigger any emails or actions for the customer. When the customer tags you as a partner, the record will move from the Tracking List to your customer listing.