Run sprints with your team, wherever you are

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Never lose a great idea

Genius doesn't come around often. Add user stories or work items to your backlog as they come up—and you don't even need to be at your desk to do it! Organize your backlog and plan your sprints - you could do it while picking up your dinner.


Swipe, swipe, swipe away

Update the status of your work items in real time and enjoy the satisfaction of dragging work items to completion. Keep an eye on your scrum board to track the progress of your sprints.


Keep a finger on the pulse

Whether you're at a conference or on a family trip, keep track of what your team is up to. Updates to the board, scheduled meetings, and status updates—all in one place. Post a comment or start a discussion wherever you are.


Numbers don't lie

Numbers speak volumes. Monitor your team's velocity, track their progress using burndown and burnup charts - when you are half a world away.

Thanks Zoho for the awesome app. Makes it easy to keep track of features and updates for our projects. Save so much time.

Nishanth Singh ★★★★★

Your agile journey, uninterrupted