Introduction to extensions

Extensions serve as the ideal solution to businesses that need to use other Zoho services, third party services, or custom widgets along with Zoho Sprints. Extensions are small, independent widgets, or components that enhance the capabilities of Zoho Sprints. These can easily be deployed to work in sync with your application. There are many pre-built extensions for you to choose from in our Marketplace.

Zoho Sprints web application supports an extension which is a plugin that extends additional functionality to your Zoho Sprints application. It allows you to:

  • Add customised widgets across different locations

  • Interact with Zoho Sprints web UI

  • Communicate with third party tools using connectors

  • Use custom functions to handle webhook events

  • Add custom fields to modules

Zoho Marketplace is an in-house online store where you can upload the extensions you develop for any of the products of Zoho. You can also use the available extensions in our store for your business. This developer guide will help you build an extension and deploy it to our Marketplace.