Introduction to Sigma

As a developer, you can build your own extension to combine the service with Zoho Sprints to work effectively. Zoho Sigma is a cloud editor that enables you to create your own extensions. Learn more.

To give you a brief idea of what an extension is used for, here is an example. You can install and use Zoho Writer with Zoho Sprints to create and associate documents with you work items or sprints. You can use this extension to handle documentation needs.

Using Sigma, you can create a custom extension without the hassle of the pre-setup and the need to manage an entire development process.

Zoho Marketplace is an in-house online store where you can upload the extensions you develop for any of the products of Zoho. You can also use the available extensions in our store for your business. This developer guide will help you build an extension and deploy it to our Marketplace. Visit marketplace.