About Security Portal

Security Portal is a Romanian company providing physical security consulting and outsourced security management services for the national market. Since 2010, Security Portal is focused on offering specialised solutions. In the last decade, they diversified and started developing software aimed at solving the security needs of their clients and customers. Today, they have a fully functional visitor management solution  (https://spaccess.net) and they are sprinting towards launching two new solutions dedicated to school security and residential security.

Challenges faced before Zoho Sprints:

When we started the IT department, our needs were limited and we only used internal tools. However, over time we needed to coordinate with people outside our organization, primarily for integration and implementation. The main challenge we faced was related to meeting deadlines and coordinating with external stakeholders. Another challenge we faced was concerned with our ability to provide cost transparency. It was difficult to aggregate data from different sources in a timely manner.

Reason for choosing Zoho Sprints

We identified the need for a cloud-based solution and tested several apps. What we liked most about Zoho Sprints was the ease of use and the ecosystem. Since we were already using other apps from the Zoho suite, we had no difficulty in adopting the new app. Also, having everything integrated by default was very handy since the switch was performed naturally and without additional effort on our part.

How we use Zoho Sprints

We use Zoho Sprins to create and manage our app development projects. Basically, this means generating tasks, sprints and even estimates based on the projected data. We also use Zoho Sprints to coordinate with outsourced specialists and keep track of their activities and associated costs.

Impact of Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints has transformed the way we work. Everything is introduced in the backlog: from tasks and bugs to stories and ideas. We now have an inventory of everything we must do, and we switched to agile as a way of managing our projects and activities.

The verdict

Zoho Sprints is an invaluable tool for our IT Department and we use it extensively in our daily activities. Not only does it provide a rich list of features but it also helps us in the associated administrative tasks related to invoicing, and bug fixing.

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