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User stories, a key factor in your agile development process, are all about shifting perspectives and putting yourself in your customer's shoes. But, how well do you empathize with your customers after you've shipped your product? Empathy is for software development teams, too. We write code for people more than we do for machines.

When your developers understand the pain points of your customers, it helps them eliminate any bias and assumptions that creep in the journey of building great products. AgileDesk is all about extending the empathy across software development teams through a shared context of your customer service interactions.


Improvise in sprints

Being open to customer feedback and delivering change in small increments is vitally important to the agile process. Customize the columns of your Scrum boards to improve your process and ship products that your customers will love.

Improvise in sprints Improvise in sprints
File tickets as bugs or user stories File tickets as bugs or user stories

File tickets as bugs or user stories

When your customers report a bug or request a new feature, your support agents can file the ticket as a bug or a user story. The details of the ticket, along with attachments get added to the project backlog of the associated project.

Empathize with context

When your support agents paraphrase the ticket details to your developers, there's room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation. To help your Scrum teams empathize with context, ticket details like the subject and description are pinned to their work items.

Empathize with context Empathize with context
Facilitate cross-functional collaboration Facilitate cross-functional collaboration

Facilitate cross-functional collaboration

AgileDesk facilitates cross-functional collaboration that helps your support agents be more efficient and Scrum teams more effective. While debugging issues, your developers and testers can tag your agents to get more clarity. If a ticket is dependent on a sprint, your agents can view its status and keep your customers updated on its progress.

Handy integrations

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