About the course:

PageSense will help you understand how your visitors interact with your website, what they click on, and how far down they scroll. You can optimize your website to convert more potential customers using testing methodologies and send relevant, timely notifications to keep your visitors hooked on your website. In this course, you’ll gain the knowledge and expertise you need to identify, analyze, and improve all areas of your site.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for marketers and anyone who works on optimizing your company's website or works with an agency working on your website on your behalf. It will equip you to make smarter, more informed choices that will yield higher CVR's.

Day One - 3 Hours


Introduction to conversion optimization:

  • What is conversion optimization?
  • Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Understanding the process

Introduction to PageSense and its features:

  • What is PageSense?
  • A quick introduction to features in PageSense

Account setup:

  • What are spaces and projects?
  • What is a snippet? What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous?

Web analytics in PageSense:

  • What is web analytics?
  • Understanding acquisition analytics in PageSense
  • Understanding behavioral analytics in PageSense
  • Session-based targeting

Track your visitors:

  • Create and track key website metrics
  • Track your conversion funnel
  • Identify your visitor drop-offs
  • Segmentation

Analyze your visitors' behaviour:

  • Identify where visitors click, spend time, and drop off
  • Identify friction points in your forms and the reasons for form abandonment
  • See the action in real time as visitors navigate your website

Day Two - 3 Hours

Optimize your website:

  • How to run A/B and split URL tests
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Analyze test results to make better decisions

Personalize user experience:

  • How to create a 1-1 personalization of your visitors
  • Personalize your visitors' entire journeys
  • Advanced targeting based on city, weather, and much more

Engage with your website visitors:

  • How to run polls to collect visitors' feedback
  • Send push notifications
  • Build pop-ups, slide-ins, and banners
  • Trigger tests based on user behaviour

Q&A and summary

Through online training, we aim to offer a completely personalized One-on-One training package tailored exclusively to meet the trainees' business requirements.

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