Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing software from the Zoho suite. The goal of this course is to help every email marketer learn email marketing from end to end. From building quality lists to sending out targeted and engaging email campaigns, analyzing their performance, and automating your email campaigns, learn how Zoho Campaigns helps you achieve it all.

Who it is for:

This course is for those who look after email marketing for their organization. Account setup section listed in the agenda is for administrators and the rest applies to all users.

Day One - 3 Hours


  • Why email marketing and why Zoho Campaigns?
  • Components of an email (Anatomy)
  • Role of an ESP (like Zoho Campaigns)

Account setup

  • Managing users
  • Assign roles

Email pre-setup

  • Subject line + Preheader
  • Sender details

Email design and creation

  • Templates
  • Personalization
  • Polls
  • Social widget
  • Other simple components

Email sending

  • Fixed time and recipient time-zone
  • Batch send
  • Send time optimization
  • Email policy

Email deliverability

  • Domain authenticaton (SPF + DKIM)

Email optimization

  • Reports
  • A/B testing
  • Email preview and testing
  • Reply tracking

Beginner’s best practices

Day Two - 2 Hours

Automate your email marketing

  • Benefits of automating your emails
  • Examples of automated emails with strategies explained

Workflow automation

  • Templates
  • Custom workflows
  • Reports


  • Types of autoresponders
  • Creation
  • Reports

Ecommerce email marketing

  • Integrating with your store
  • Data sync
  • Targeting store audience with emails
  • Reports
  • Segmentation

Advanced Campaigns

  • Send event/webinar promotions
  • Send survey campaigns
  • Send RSS campaigns


Best practices

Frequently asked questions

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