Navigating Zoho Social

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Navigating Zoho Social is your go-to guide if you're just about to get started using Zoho Social to manage all your social media activities. Learn about everything from setting up your account to publishing, scheduling, and managing interactions, from right here.


Initial setup of your Zoho Social account

Get a complete idea of how you can use Zoho Social for your business. Start by understanding what brands and portals are, and connect your social media channels to Zoho Social to manage them effortlessly from a single place.

Creating roles and assigning permissions

Onboard your team and clients to your Social account. Understand roles, permissions and approvals in detail. Secure your data by creating specific roles for users and assigning permissions accordingly.

Publishing and scheduling on social media

Explore the compose window and its various options to scale up your posts. Preview, draft, publish, or schedule content on all your social channels across your brands.

Tracking post performance

Analyze and monitor how your published posts are performing. Try the different modules in your Social account—Home, Posts, Monitor, and Reports—to understand different metrics for individual posts and networks.

Managing account settings

Learn to access different settings and preferences related to publishing, brands and portals, and your account, and modify them according to your needs.

Let's take a quick glance through Social

Home and Posts Messages and Inbox Monitor Reports Collaborate New Posts

  • Home and Posts
    Home and Posts 2

    Observe your brand's social activities

    1 / 6
  • Messages and Inbox
    Messages and Inbox popup

    View and respond to all your social interactions

    2 / 6
  • Monitor

    See what people have to say about your brand

    3 / 6
  • Reports

    Track and analyze your brand's performance

    4 / 6
  • Colloborate

    Discuss and collaborate within your team

    5 / 6
  • Chat, but made for work

    Compose your posts to publish or schedule

    6 / 6

Home and Posts

Home and Posts

Messages and Inbox

Messages and Inbox


Home and Posts


Home and Posts


Home and Posts

New Post

Home and Posts

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