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Create, compose, schedule, and automatically post your content directly onto Mastodon, along with other social networks.

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Automate your posting process

Experience the convenience of effortless content publication on Mastodon with Zoho Social. Distribute your content seamlessly across all your Mastodon accounts, all from a single platform.

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Plan your posts with our social calendar

Populate your content calendar well in advance with content ideas, save them for later, and publish at the optimal time to reach more people in the community. See all the weekly and monthly posts from all your linked channels, all in a single place. A comprehensive content calendar guarantees that you remain organized in terms of time and never overlook any Mastodon posts.

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Schedule your Mastodon posts in bulk

Easily schedule numerous posts for your pages by uploading a CSV file, eliminating the need for manual posting. Your Mastodon dashboard allows you to schedule and auto publish posts for the time slots you prefer.


Evaluate post success with strong insights and stats

Assess how your social media posts are performing on Mastodon with extensive and insightful stats on favorites, replies, and re-blogs, as well as the total engagement distribution. This will help you evaluate your post performance and understand how your audience is liking your Mastodon content.

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Analyze how your pages and posts are performing with our robust reports

Delve into your Mastodon performance using our extensive dashboard and cards. Our thorough reports provide a detailed overview and include audience insights like follower growth, as well as in-depth post and engagement metrics. Keep tabs on your overall follower count, monitor new followers, evaluate post performance, and measure engagement levels to fine-tune your Mastodon strategy with precision.

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Make your Mastodon posts stand out

Let your post speak for itself! Our Enhanced Media Library now gives you access to platforms such as Pixabay, Pexels, and GIPHY—right from Zoho Social. Use relevant keywords to search for photos and GIFs, and add them directly to your Mastodon posts, comments, as well as your Social Library.


Gain visibility with hashtags

Using hashtags is an effective way to enhance visibility on Mastodon, and by using Zoho Social's hashtag manager, you can group the most commonly used hashtags relevant to your brand and save them. This enables you to include them in your Mastodon posts with just one simple click.


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