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  Where's the offer link?  
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  @zylkertravels curating trips like never before!  
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Never miss an interaction with Inbox

Zoho Social’s Inbox simplifies the process of keeping track of all your social interactions across various networks by providing a unified interface for you and your team. Keep an eye on comments, mentions, messages, and reviews, streamline your responses, and categorize discussions to improve your monitoring capabilities. Once you’ve finished an interaction, automatically mark it as complete to declutter your inbox.

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Respond promptly with Zia, our AI assistant

Craft the best reply and respond in real time with Zia, our content assistant. Simply enter a prompt or word to create your response or rephrase what you’ve written better. In this way, you can stay on top of conversations by engaging customers the second there’s an interaction.

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Navigate through conversations with the help of powerful filters

Prioritize interactions that require immediate attention based on urgency. You can also filter out interactions based on the type, be it messages, reviews, comments, or even dark comments.


Keep a tidy inbox by creating assignment workflows

Introduce your team to Social Inbox to manage interactions swiftly and efficiently. Automate the process of assigning conversations and add team members to work collaboratively using tools designed to efficiently handle and promptly respond to incoming messages.


Customize your Inbox to manage conversations across platforms

Customize your inbox based on channels, priority status, form of interaction, and date range, and add other team members to view the same to enhance collaborative communication. Inbox simplifies cross-platform and cross-team collaboration, whether you’re involving a teammate in a conversation or helping the customer support team address an issue.

Track past customer interactions to resolve queries quicker

Stay up to date on all crucial audience interactions with our built-in conversation history tracking that lets you track all previous conversations from a particular customer on a particular channel or platform. You also get details regarding their social media handle or profile.


Build a close connection with your customers with better and faster response times

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