URL Shorteners And Bit.ly Integration

URL Shorteners And Bit.ly Integration

A URL shortener is an online application that condenses a lengthy URL into a short one, making it easier to share links. URL shorteners also provide information that can be invaluable to your business—the number of clicks, insight on the people who click them, where these clicks are coming from, and more. 
Zoho Social has a default URL shortening service, zurl, that's free for all members. 
Zoho Social members on paid plans can also access our Bit.ly integration. If you have a Bit.ly account, you can connect it to Zoho Social.
Go to Brand Settings under Setup. Under Brand Information, you'll find Link Shortening. Select a default shortener to use.

You'll see the following screen:

Click Allow to start using the Bit.ly integration in Zoho Social.
To see your Bit.ly clicks count stats, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Posts tab from the home screen.
  2. In Published Posts, click Post Stats.
  3. View Clicks on Links.

​​Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can't I see Bit.ly in my Brand Settings?
A. You'll only see Bit.ly in Brand Settings if you're on the paid plan and have linked your Bit.ly account. 

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