Team Members and Roles

Team Members and Roles

Create your own roles and assign them to your team members with Zoho Social. Apart from that, there are three default roles: Portal Admin, Brand Admin, and Member. Each type of Member will have different permissions and access.  

1. Portal Admin

A Portal Admin can manage all the brands and team members in a Portal. Only a Portal Admin has access to Portal Settings. When you create a new Zoho Social account, you'll become a Portal Admin and have access to Portal Settings. You also get access to Brand Settings, where you can add and delete brands or members to/from your account. 

2. Brand Admin

The Brand Admin is the admin for a specific Brand. They can perform any action within that Brand, including managing social networks and inviting team members to the Brand.

3. Team Member

A Team Member has default access to all features, but won't be able to manage social networks and other settings. 


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