Team Collaboration (Overview)

Team Collaboration

This area is your team's workspace. Come together in one place to work on your social media activities: Brainstorm about ideas for new posts, review the performance of previous posts, explore information about users engaging with your brand, and figure out responses to these engagements.
Head over to the Collaborate tab, where you can discuss:

  • Content: Drafts and published posts
  • Brand Mentions: Mentions received via Monitor, Live Stream, or Notifications
  • Reports: From the Stats or Analytics section
  • Connections: People who have interacted with your brand

How do you put people's heads together?

  • Keep an eye on the Discuss tab, which you'll find throughout Zoho Social. When you click on it, you'll be redirected to the Collaborate tab, where you can create posts and start discussions with your team.
  • Let's say someone working at Zylker Travels (a travel agency) wants to chat about ideas for a new post. They create a discussion in Collaborate: