Team Collaboration (Overview)

Team Collaboration (Overview)

The Collaborate tab is a single dynamic space that your entire team can use to discuss your brand's social media marketing efforts. Brainstorm ideas for new posts, review your performance, discuss engagements, and turn posts into an interactive threads where you involve team members —from drafting responses to iterating copies. 

Some of the things your team can discuss on the Collaborate tab:

Content: Drafts and published posts
Brand Mentions: Mentions received via Monitor, Live Stream, or Notifications
Reports: From the Stats or Analytics section
Connections: People who have interacted with your brand

How do you Collaborate?

Keep an eye on the Discuss button, which you'll find throughout Zoho Social. When you click on it, you'll be redirected to the Collaborate tab, where you can create or share threads and start discussions with either your team or specific groups.

Kick-start a discussion:

You can create a discussion with your team members by simply hitting the New Post option on the Collaborate tab. Here you can also discuss about viral post with your team, by sharing on the Collaborate tab. 

Create discussion circles:

You can either discuss with your entire team, or with specific people. This way, you can choose who to involve: clients, team members, or specific people. The notified participants can respond to the discussion from the Collaborate tab or from the Team Notifications. 


Discuss Notifications:

Participants of the discussion will get a notification near their profile picture, alerting them that they've been added to a discussion. The notification will carry an icon indicating what type of discussion it is: a new discussion, old post, or social media mention.

Discuss Mentions:

Speaking of mention, the Mentions feature on Zoho Social works right alongside Collaborate. You can not only discuss specific tweets about your brand, but also competitor updates, influencer posts, and maybe even a spike in specific keyword searches. 

Discuss Reports:

Perhaps you want your discussion to be on the report of their brand's performance on social media for the past 30 days. This is how it's done.

Discuss Connections:

Or, perhaps someone on the team wants help figuring out how to approach a user who regularly engages with your brand on Instagram. They can click on the Discuss button near that specific Connection to discuss them with their team members.

Discuss Posts:

There are two ways in which Posts can be discussed on Collaborate. The menu deck on the left side of your Zoho Social has your brand's published posts. These can be discussed by simply clicking on Discuss button next to each post. 

But what if a post idea is already in the drafts left gathering dust? Or it slipped into the Failed Posts section and never saw the light of day after that? You can revive it easily without having to contact team members separately. Click All Feeds to view not just published posts but all those in the pipeline, including: drafts, failed post, scheduled posts, and promoted posts. Click Discuss near each to initiate a conversation about it with your team.

Discuss using media:

If your brand uses imagery to discuss ideas, you can use the Collaborate tab to comprehensively strategize, as it allows not only documents, but also images to be added into discussions to help you add more dimension. 

In the case of a travel agency like Zylker, they might want to explore new travel trends to incorporate into their business later. They can discuss these interactively by adding images to their discussion. The Collaborate tab allows you to add up to 10 image files to each discussion. 

Modify Discussions:

Go back to a discussion and make modifications anytime. The owner of the discussion can change the visibility to include more teams/members as the discussion grows. Meanwhile, members who are part of the discussion can add, edit, or delete their responses.

Navigate like a pro:

You may have multiple discussions going on, with team members collaborating on different strategies. This is how you can go back to a specific discussion without endless scrolling.

A. The All Feeds option on the Collaborate screen helps localize search. With this option, you can filter discussions based on tags like Connections, Reports, Discussions, Posts, and Drafts, to locate the discussion they want. 

B. Discussion threads can also be searched using team member profiles. By clicking on a member's profile image or entering their name prefixed by '@', you can filter for discussions that feature them.


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