Think of your favorite social media and you'll realize content-sharing is up there as one of the top reasons why so many others love it too. For a brand, this spells opportunities. With a savvy social media management tool, you can now be a brand with not only wider reach but also manage to seamlessly curate good content. With Zoho Social's ZShare plugin, you have of easy-to-do steps to manage content seamlessly.

With zShare, you can schedule and publish post while browsing the internet, without even leaving your tab. Sharing interesting content you stumble upon from within your browser is now as easy as one click.

Sharing content with a single click:

See an interesting article that you want to share with your audience? Forget navigating through a maze of options. Using zShare plugin, you can simplify the process to a single click.

Once you've installed the plugin on your browser, click the tiny zShare icon on the top right corner of your screen to summon your publishing window instantly. From here you can publish instantly to all your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Customize what you share:

Want to pick and choose what you want to share? Here's how you use the ZShare plugin to do that: 

Share quotes, passages, lines etc: If there's a paragraph in a write-up that speaks to you, you can isolate it and share it with your audience without all the hassle of starting up Zoho Social or copy-pasting. To do this, simply select a slice of text from any page and click on zShare plugin to instantly open up the Zoho Social Publishing menu. Here your desired text will appear, and you can hit publish directly.

Share photos: You can do the same with images as well. You can pick one or many images from a page to share with your brand's social media audience. To do this, hover your cursor over the desired image on any page. Click on the small ZShare plugin button that appears below the image. This will automatically take you to the publishing window, which will upload the photo onto your publishing menu. Other images from the page will also appear at the bottom of your publishing screen, for you to choose.

Multi-browser support:

ZShare is compatible on four different browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Mozilla Firefox

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