Schedule Posts

Schedule Posts

If you're ready with your content, but you don't want to publish it right away, you can always schedule the posts for later. This way, not only will you be able to plan your posts in advance, you'll also be able to edit them as necessary before they are published.

To schedule a post on Zoho Social, click the New Post button from the Home tab or the Posts tab. In the publishing window that opens, craft your content, add your images, and set targeting if needed. Once your content is ready, select the date and time that you want to send your post out using the calendar on the right side of your screen. Zoho Social will tell you the percentage of your followers your post is likely to reach if the post goes out at the selected time.

Once you've decided when you want to publish your content, you can also decide if you want to repeat the posts. Check the Repeat Post box, then choose whether you'd like to repeat it on a monthly basis or a weekly basis, and until which date you want the posts to be repeated.

Once you've decided when you want the post to go live, and whether or not you want it to be repeated, click the Schedule button and your posts will go out on the scheduled date.

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