Repeating Posts

Repeating Posts

Schedule a post to repeat at your desired frequency and for a specific period of time using this feature. For example, Zylker Travels is running a monthly campaign to get users to share their travel stories. Now, they don't have to manually post every month because they have Zoho Social to do it for them.

  1. From the Home tab or the Posts tab, click New Post in the upper right.
  2. Create your post in the resulting pop-up window. Every social account except Instagram will be selected by default. Click any social account you don't want to publish your post to, and it'll fade out.
  3. To add images to your post, click the camera icon in the bottom left. Select a photo file from your computer.
  4. Check the Repeat this Post box. Select the starting date and time, the frequency—monthly or weekly—the day(s) you want this post to be repeated on, and the end date. 
  5. Click Schedule.
  • To find the posts that are scheduled to repeat, click the Posts tab in the navigation bar on the left. Then, under Views on the right, click Scheduled Posts. Click the drop-down on the top left and select Repetitive Scheduled Posts. This screen displays the posts that you or your team have scheduled to repeat. To edit the content or time, click on the ellipsis (three dots) icon and then click Edit
  • You can choose to publish your post immediately. Click the ellipsis icon and then click Post Now.
  • To delete a post before it goes live, click the checkbox next to the post and then click the trash icon that appears at the top of the screen. You can also click on the ellipsis icon to find the delete option.

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