Removing Team Members

Removing Team Members 

Only the Portal Admins and Brand Admins can remove team members. If you want to remove a member, follow these steps:

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Brand Members & Roles.
  3. When you hover over a member's name, you will see an X icon. Click it to remove the member from your brand.

Please note that removing a team member will not affect any actions performed by that member. When you remove a team member,

  • Posts scheduled by the member will continue to go out as per their schedule
  • Monitor columns added by the member will be retained in the Monitor tab for this brand
  • In the collaborate tab, any discussions started or comments made by the team member will be retained. However, once a team member is removed from the brand, they can't be tagged by other members.
  • Posts or comments that have already been made by the team member will continue to be available on social networks.

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