Removing Team Members

Removing Team Members 

Only the Portal Admins and Brand Admins can remove team members. If you want to remove a member, click Brand Members & Roles under Setup. When you hover your mouse over a member's name, you will see an 'X' icon. Clicking on it will remove the member from your brand.

To remove members from your Portal, click All Members under General Settings. Click on the member that you want to remove You will see a trash icon on the right . Click this icon to remove the member from your Portal.

Please note that removing a team member will not affect any actions performed by that member. When you remove a team member,

  • Posts scheduled by the member will continue to go out as per their schedule
  • Monitor columns added by the member will be retained in the Monitor tab for this brand
  • In the collaborate tab, any discussions started or comments made by the team member will be retained. However, once a team member is removed from the brand, they can't be tagged by other members.
  • Posts or comments that have already been made by the team member will continue to be available on social channels.

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