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Publish your posts across social networks from a single window—no more switching between multiple windows or apps. 

Here's how Zylker Travels (a travel agency) does it. They use Facebook and Instagram to post pictures of amazing destinations to attract travelers. Using Zoho Social, they can publish their posts on their Facebook page and Instagram account from a single window.

To create and publish posts across the social networks your business is active on: 

  1. From the Home tab or Posts tab, click New Post in the upper right.
  2. Create your post in the resulting pop-up window. Every social account except Instagram will be selected by default. Click any social account you don't want to publish your post to and it'll fade out.
  3. To add images to your post, click the camera icon in the bottom left. Select a photo file from your computer. You can add up to four images in a single post.


  4. To target your post to people in a particular country or who speak a particular language, click the Set targeting icon at the bottom left of the pop-up window. Enter the countries or languages you'd like to target your post to, and then click Done. Since this function is available just for Facebook and LinkedIn, it will appear only when either of these social networks is selected. (To learn more, see Schedule Posts With TimeWarp.)
  5. Click Post Now.

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