Monitoring (Overview)

Monitoring (Overview)

Managing social media is like hosting a dinner party. Picture a room full of people who are driven by the desire to talk, relate, or give an opinion, while having independent conversations. Some of these conversations could be about you, your industry or your competitors, or people looking for a product like yours. They'll talk about all this and more, even if you are not listening. However, if you are listening, you could find opportunities to engage potential customers!

These days, discussions about your brand and industry mostly take place in the social media space. It's one of the primary reasons to use a social media management tool. We understand that it can be challenging to listen and respond to every interaction. That's why we created Zoho Social's Monitor feature—so you can listen, respond, and keep the conversation going!

Monitor everything, all at once!

The Monitor tab on Zoho social makes it easy to track social media activity. Pay attention to the people who are talking about you, your brand, and your product. Social media monitoring helps you discover conversations and opportunities to learn, engage, help, and collaborate. 

Create multiple columns to display specific content based on what's important to your business. Columns give you a quick way to keep track of what people are saying about your brand. It's like viewing multiple activities in one window. There will always be people talking about your industry, and you can now jump into those conversations in real-time. Engage with these posts by liking, commenting or retweeting them directly from each column.

As long as you're in the Monitor tab, all your saved columns will automatically show you the number of real-time new posts as an orange badge, right at the top. When you click on the badge, it refreshes the column to show you the latest posts and updates specific to that column in Monitor. 

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