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Mobile Apps

On the move and just thought of a punchline or a quirky caption for your post? With the Zoho Social mobile app, you can access your various social media channels, analyze posts based on real-time social metrics and improve your brand's overall productivity - all on the go! 

The Zoho Social Mobile Application is available for iOS and Android phones.


Features of the Mobile App: 

Here are some of the options and controls that you'll find in the mobile app:

Brand Health:

Keep tab of your brand health on the go from your Zoho Social mobile app. Open the app and click on the Social icon on the right to toggle between different social networks. When you click on a social network, you will be able to view the basic stats that make up your brand health column - Total Audience, Active Audience, Engagement and Stories, for that respective network


You can publish posts on the go with the Publishing option on your mobile app. To do this:

  1. Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Select the social media channels where you wish to post, from the bottom tray
  3. Type your post in the space above and add up to 4 photos using the camera icon 
  4. To go live with the post, click Done or the check button

You can also work on your posts offline and save them as Drafts. Once you're back online, the posts will be automatically synced with your dashboard.



Adding Leads & Contacts:

If you have integrated Zoho Social with Zoho CRM, you will be able to manually add prospects as either a new lead or a new contact through your mobile app. 


Every post has its own analytics. Click on the menu tray on the left side of the screen and select Post. Here, click on the graph icon to the right of a post for real-time insights into the number of followers you have gained, the languages they speak, which countries they are from, and more.

Instagram Notifications:

If you have a Personal profile on Instagram, all your Instagram publishing and reposting activities go through the Zoho Social Mobile App. Go to Settings and turn on your Notifications to post seamlessly to Instagram. 

Learn more about how to publish to Instagram using Zoho Social.

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