Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

On the move and just thought of a punchline or a quirky caption for your post? With the mobile app, you have complete access to view your social media presence across different networks, analyze posts based on real-time social metrics, and improve your brand's overall productivity.
The Zoho Social Mobile Application is available for iOS and Android phones.


Features of the Mobile App: 

Along with the existing features of the web app, here's what you'll find in the mobile app:

  • Every post has its own analytics. Click the graph icon to the right of a post for real-time insights into the number of fans you have gained, the languages they speak, which countries they represent, and more.



  • You can also work on your posts offline and save them as Drafts. Once you're back online, the posts will be automatically synced with your dashboard.


  • If you have integrated Zoho Social with Zoho CRM, you will be able to manually add prospects either as a new lead or a new contact.
 Note: Make sure to go to Settings and turn on your Notifications. This is especially important for Instagram Publishing and Reposting.

Instagram Publishing 

In order to publish Instagram posts, you need to have the latest version of Zoho Social. Once you have the app installed and Notifications turned on, you will be able to publish your posts via Zoho Social. You will also see the Repost for Instagram option, our newest addition for Instagram on Zoho Social. You can also learn more about Publishing/Scheduling Instagram posts.

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