Live Stream: Add Connections as CRM Leads and Contacts

Live Stream: Add Connections as CRM Leads and Contacts

In Live Stream, you can follow a real-time stream of social updates to learn how your audience is engaging with your brand. This will show you various types of social activities such as Likes, Mentions, Follows, Replies, Shares, and Wall Posts. In order to add a potential customer as a lead or a contact, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Home or Collaborate tab. Live Stream will appear in the right panel.
  2. Click on any one of the social activities.
  3. Click the +Add to CRM button in the small window that appears. Another window will open.

  • Under the Add New tab, you can add a connection as either a new lead or a new contact.
  • Under the Associate to Existing tab, you can find a connection's already existing contact in CRM. You can then associate both the profiles.

  • If you have already added Connections as either a Lead or a Contact, you will be able to see Lead and Contact labels in Live Stream.
  • ​​When you click on a Connection's social activity who is already saved in your CRM account, you can see their CRM owner. You can also chat with them through the Ping feature.

  • Click Know more about to view a specific connection's profile, which will contain more information about that connection.


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