Lead Generation (Overview)

Lead Generation (Overview)

The key to generating leads is by sharing interesting content, keeping your audience engaged, and listening intently to what people are saying about your brand on social media. It makes perfect sense for your business to be in the social media space because that's where most of your customers are.

If you have an interaction with someone who could be relevant to your business, it is a good idea to consider adding them as a lead. They could eventually be in your Connections list or, even better, a potential customer you may not have found otherwise.

In the social media sphere, you will come across various opportunities to connect and build better relationships in order to make progress towards a sale.
To use the Lead Generation feature, you must have your Zoho Social account integrated with your Zoho CRM account. (Learn more about Zoho CRM Integration with Zoho Social.)
You can add the leads you generate either as CRM Leads or CRM Contacts.

  • Leads are Connections who have provided their contact information and have the potential to be converted into CRM Contacts.
  • Contacts are Leads that you have already contacted and have ongoing interactions with.

Lead Generation can be done either manually or automatically. You can even choose to combine both methods.

  • Manual: Add people to Zoho CRM yourself, using actions in Zoho Social.
  • Automatic: Create a set of rules to convert people into CRM Contacts or CRM Leads based on certain triggering events. 

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