Integrating Zoho Social with Zoho CRM

Integrating Zoho Social with Zoho CRM 

The integration between Zoho CRM and Social will give you extra ways to manage your sales relationships. You can use the CRM Info tab for every Connection to view their CRM details and make progress toward a sale.

With Social and CRM integrated, you can:

  • View your Connection's Contact information, CRM Owner Details, and Potential Summary (which displays all the potentials associated with that particular connection).
  • Make notes about a Connection.
  • Chat with a Connection's CRM owner through the Ping feature to learn more about them.
  • See changes you made in Zoho Social automatically reflected in Zoho CRM so your CRM team can move the relationship forward. 

To start an in-depth conversation about a connection with your team members on Zoho Social:

  • Click the ellipsis next to the Connection's name.
  • Select Discuss or Embed this conversation from the drop-down menu. You will be directed to the Collaborate tab to start the conversation.

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