1. What can I collaborate on with Zoho Social?

You can collaborate on things from all across Zoho Social -be it Posts, Connections, Mentions or Reports- and bring your whole team onboard the discussion. Say, you've spotted something interesting on your live-stream - a fun Tweet about your product. You can turn this into a discussion, not only alerting your team members but also brain-storming together for an effective response. You can similarly turn anything from a failed post to a monthly report into a discussion, using Collaborate. 

2. Who can see my discussions?

All discussions around Posts, Connections, Mentions or Reports  are shared with all members regardless of their role. But while initiating the discussion, you can choose to restrict viewership by clicking on the drop-down on the discussion tab. From there, you can choose* individual members or roles to involve only specific people in a discussion.

You can choose the Marketing team for instance, to discuss a campaign idea and get specific feedback on it. You can do so by clicking on the drop-down menu and choosing custom share. Here, you can add any specific team/teams that you want. You can pre-assign these teams just as easily. Just go to Settings icon on the top right of your screen and choose 'Roles and permissions' from the long tab that appears. Here tou can create specific roles like 'Marketing' or 'Intern' to which you can add members. And yes, you have the flexibility to change these settings even after a discussion has gone live. 

In case you've signed up for the Agency plan for managing social media for multiple clients, you have the added option of sharing a discussion with both your clients and team members/roles simultaneously from the same drop-down visibility menu. 

* Note that all discussions - irrespective of the plan- can be accessed by the Admin of the portal.

3. Can I or my team members tag Clients on a discussion?

Yes, you can. In the Agency plan, you have an additional option of adding your clients into the discussions. Anybody who is part of a specific discussion can tag Clients as well. To do this, go to the visibility settings on the Discussion tab and check visibility option for Clients. Here your clients can be tagged by the discussion creator or team members. When you do give a Client the access to the discussion, they will receive access Team notification and an e-mail alerting the same. They will now have access to: a. View the discussion & b. Reply to it

4. Will team members be notified when I collaborate with them?

The Collaborate tab simplifies social media discussions, by bringing the team in one place. Whenever you tag a team member or selectively start a discussion with them, they will receive a notification in the 'Team Notification' section on the top right of the screen (near their profile picture). They will also receive an email notification that lets them know whenever they've been tagged in a discussion.

5. What are the colored tags in the Collaborate tab?

The colored tags help you identify what a discussion is about. Discussions which originated from Drafts, Posts, Monitor, Connections or Reports carry the respective tags. When you discuss something from the drafts folder for instance, an icon will display the word 'Drafts' on your discussion thread, showing you where it is sourced from. 

6. Can I add media files to my post? 

Yes, you can. There's no need to stop with one either. Now you can upload up to 10 image files at a go with every new discussion you create. For each image you upload you get a preview and file size details, before you make your upload. 

7. Can I filter the Collaborate tab toview just what I want?

You can either search by clicking on 'All feeds' drop down which lists different types of discussions (Reports, for instance) and select the one that's relevant for you right now. Alternatively, you can search for discussion threads involving specific team members by simply typing their name prefixed by a '@'



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