1. How do I remove a page I'm currently managing and use Zoho Social for a different one instead?
A. Click Settings and select Social Networks. Click Disconnect to remove a page. To connect a different one, click Connect and follow the steps. 

2. Why aren't any pages shown on the list after I enter my credentials?
A. There might not be any available pages to configure the account. Check your social network settings in case you missed adding it there.
Usually, this happens when you don't have any pages connected to your social network (on Facebook and Linkedin). Alternatively, you may not have Admin rights and therefore won't see the page. It's best to go to that particular social network setting and cross-check it.

3. Why is Zoho Social asking me to reauthenticate my account after I configure my pages?
A. For your security, many social networks only let you stay logged in for 60 days. If this happens, or if your password changes, you'll have to reauthenticate your account in Zoho Social.

4. My Facebook page is five years old. After adding it to Zoho Social, how many of my old posts will I be able to access? Is it based on time, frequency, or the number of previous posts I've made?
A. When you first connect your Facebook page, Zoho Social imports data from the past 30 days. From then on, Zoho Social aggregates all the data from your Facebook page in real-time. For example, if you connect your Facebook page on May 1st, you'll see data going back to April 1st.

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