1. Why do some of the Stats and Analytics fail to show? e.g. Sentiment analysis, Gender demographics.
A. The Stats and Analytics reports are fetched based upon past engagement and interaction with your Brand. If your engagement and interaction are not that frequent, it will affect this section's numbers.

2. How accurate are these metrics?
A. The numbers in your Stats and Analytics reports are accurate and updated for every interaction or engagement.

3. How often does this data get updated?
A. The data is updated every 24 hours.

4. Do you provide historical data for my Brands once I add them to Zoho Social?
A. When you first add an account to Zoho Social, you can see the previous month's data. After that, we'll keep track of any further interactions.

5. Why doesn't the data in my Reports match my social network's engagement?
A. The metrics are updated every 24 hours. Try checking again after we've updated your data.

6. I want to see more than numbers. Is there any way to see who has been looking at my posts?
A.You can find the number of individuals engaged in the Reports tab. You can also locate the engagement percentage for your posts under Post details. Engagement percentage measures the ratio of people viewing the post to those interacting with it, resulting in more clicks.


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