1. Can I publish the same content to multiple Brands at the same time?
A. It isn't possible to publish the same content to multiple Brands at the same time. However, you can post the same content to all social networks under one Brand.

2. What are the character limits for my posts?
A. Facebook has a character limit of 63,206 characters and Google+'s limit is 65,000. The Twitter character limit of 280 applies for Zoho Social too. For LinkedIn, the character limit is 700.

3. What image resolution do you recommend for posting across various networks?

A. The recommended image sizes are:





Google plus




4. Who can view/edit/delete drafts?
A. Only the member who has created the draft & the Portal Admin role will have the permission to view/edit/delete a draft from the 'Drafts' section. Other team members with 'Member' or 'Brand admin' role in the brand will only be able to view the draft created by other members, but they can't edit or delete the same.
5. I can see "posted by Zoho Social" next to my published posts. How do I remove it?
A. The posts which are published will consist of a notification 'published by Zoho Social'. However, this 'published by Zoho Social' notification in the published post will be visible only to the members who manage the page/profile & not to the public view.

6. How do I derive the URL of an Instagram image that's saved on my computer and add it to the bulk scheduler? 
A. You can consider using the website ''https://ctrlq.org/images/'' to host your images on the web and generate publicly accessible links for the images. Select the image from your storage and upload the image to the above service, after which you can copy the Image URL from the 'Direct link (URL)' box and paste it in the 4th column (Image URL) of the Bulk Scheduler CSV/XLS file.

7. What time zone is displayed in the SmartQ suggestions?
A. The time zone listed in the SmartQ suggestion is based on the time zone designated in your Brand.

8. Why can't I publish images with thumbnail previews to Twitter in Zoho Social?
A. Because of Twitter's API policies, we're not allowed to do this.

9. Does Zoho Social support multiple images in a single post?
A. Yes. When you're publishing a post, you will be able to attach four images along with your content. However, you will only be able to add multiple images while posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Google+ and LinkedIn do not allow for multiple images to be attached in a single post on their networks, 

To attach multiple images to your post, click on the "New Post" button. Once you're done composing your message, click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen and you'll be able to choose the images you want to add. Then, hit "Post now" to publish your content, or schedule it for later.

10. Why am I not able to post multiple images on LinkedIn and Google+ networks?
A. LinkedIn and Google+ currently do not support multiple images on their networks. In case you'd like to make a post with multiple images on another network, and you're trying to cross-post the same on LinkedIn and Google+, only the first image that you've selected, or the "priority image", will be uploaded to LinkedIn/Google+

11. Does Zoho Social support GIF images?
A. GIF images can be uploaded to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter through Zoho Social. Instagram currently does not allow GIFs to be uploaded on their network.

Please note that you will not be able to upload multiple images on Twitter in case you'd also like to upload a GIF. Twitter provides users with the option of uploading either one GIF image, or upto four images of different formats on to their network
12. Can I upload multiple GIF images?
A. You will be able to upload multiple GIF images through Zoho Social, but this can be done only on the Facebook, Google+ and Instagram networks. 

Twitter supports either one GIF or up to four pictures of another format on their network. If you've decided to upload multiple GIF images, only the priority GIF would get uploaded to the Twitter. Also note that if you do decide to upload a GIF, multiple images cannot be posted to Twitter due to network restrictions.

13. What is the optimum image size I should use to upload my pictures to the networks?
A. Different networks have different limits to the size of the images that can be uploaded. Here's the list of maximum image size allowed on each network in Zoho Social

  • Facebook- 15 MB (PNG images are restricted to a maximum size of 1 MB) 
  • Twitter- 3 MB
  • LinkedIn- 10MB
  • Google+- 36 MB

14.Can I upload multiple images through Bulk Schedule?
A. Yes. You can provide up to four image links in the Bulk Schedule format you upload. Add each image link in a separate column- the first image link that you provide will be the priority image for uploading on Google+ and LinkedIn networks

15. What image formats does Zoho Social support?
A. While publishing your content, you will be able to upload images that are in the jpeg, jpg, png or gif formats. Other image formats, such as BMP and TIFF are not supported by Zoho Social.

16. Can I upload videos to Zoho Social?
A. Currently, it isn't possible to upload videos to your networks through Zoho Social. However, we're working on it, and you will be able to do it soon!

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