1. Which social networks can be monitored?
A. You can monitor Facebook Pages, Twitter users and hashtags, Instagram users and hashtags, and Google+. We don't have the Monitor feature for LinkedIn yet. 

2. What is the Monitor tab for?
A. It lets you monitor social networks for specific kinds of posts. Track keywords, posts by your Zoho CRM Contacts or Leads, Wall posts, Brand @mentions, Facebook pages or tweets from your Twitter lists.

3. Are @mentions reflected in real time? How long is the delay?
A. @mentions appear in real time in the monitor tab. You can also check the Live Stream for instant updates.

4. Can I respond to posts from the monitor tab?
A. Yes, you can answer directly from your Monitor tab.

5. What is the limit for Keyword search columns?
A. If you have the Standard Plan, you can add up to 5 Keyword search columns per brand. If you have the Professional Plan, you can add up to 15 keyword search columns per brand.

6. Does the Monitor tab show the tweets in real time?
A. Yes, the tweets that you're monitoring will be updated in real time, without any delay.

7. Can I engage with tweets from the Monitor tab?
A. Yes, you can reply to, retweet, or like any tweet directly from the Monitor tab. You can also  use the Discuss option there to attach it to a new discussion in the Collaborate tab. If you click on the tweet author, you'll see more information about them, and follow them.

8. Can I apply multiple filters to my Monitor columns?
A. Yes, you can use as many filters as you like when monitoring tweets. Please note that filters only apply for Twitter. Other social media networks don't the have API support that allows for filtering.

9. How do I view the conversation thread a tweet is a part of?
A. If the tweet you've selected is part of a twitter thread/conversation, you'll see a View Conversation  option. Click the link to display the entire conversation. You can do this from the Live Stream, or from your Monitor columns, even if filters have been applied.

10. If a particular tweet is shown by Zoho Social because of the filters I have applied, will I be able to view the conversation which the tweet is a part of?
A.  If a tweet is picked up by Zoho Social and is part of a twitter conversation, you can use the "view conversation" option and you'll be able to see the entire thread.

11. I only see a filter option for Twitter search columns. Why are there no filters available for the other social media networks?
A.  Filter options are only available only for Twitter.  The other networks don't have the API support necessary.

12. Why can't I filter my mentions, likes, and timeline columns?
A.  Twitter's API support doesn't allow filtering for mentions, likes or timeline columns. With the existing API, it's possible to filter for retweets and replies from these columns, but extensive filtering isn't available at this time.

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