CRM Reports (Overview)

CRM Reports

It's important to know where your leads are coming from, and if they are resulting in successful deals for your sales force.
Zoho Social contains built-in reports about Leads and Contacts created, Potentials, and Revenue generated from the Leads and Contacts who interact with you on social media. You can track how your brand is performing by checking which social network is helping you generate the maximum amount of revenue.
To view CRM Reports, you'll first need to integrate Zoho Social with your Zoho CRM account. (Learn more about Zoho CRM Integration with Zoho Social.)
When generating leads, you will have the option to add them either as CRM Leads or CRM Contacts.

  • Leads are Connections who have provided their contact information and have the potential to be converted into CRM Contacts.
  • Contacts are Leads that you have already contacted and have ongoing interactions with.


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