Connections: Manage CRM Leads and Contacts

Connections: Manage CRM Leads and Contacts

Connections refers to anyone who has interacted with your brand across multiple social accounts through liking, sharing, or commenting on posts, as well as tweeting or sending direct messages to you. Zoho Social will automatically update your Connections list with everyone who interacts with you, including those you add as Leads and Contacts.
In terms of viewing and managing CRM leads and Contacts, the Connections tab lets you:

  • View the CRM status of every connection. Click on their names to see details like contact information, associated social channels, interaction history, CRM info, and social media engagements.
  • Filter connections based on how frequently or recently they interact with your brand.
  • Filter connections based on whether they are CRM Leads or CRM Contacts.
  • Filter connections based on different social media channels.
  • Add prospective customers as new leads or new contacts with +Add to CRM feature.
  • View CRM Leads and Contact labels. 

How to view a connection's CRM information:

1. Go to the Connections tab.
2. Filter Connections as either CRM Leads or CRM Contacts.
3. Click on a Connection to view their contact details, social media profiles, or interactions with your brand.
4. Click CRM Info to see information about them from Zoho CRM.
5. Click the Ping icon next to the Owner's Name to chat with them.
6. You can also add notes about a CRM Lead or Contact. Scroll down in the CRM info tab to view the box that says Add a Note. You can write comments about this connection, or upload a file for your team to see. Your existing CRM notes will also be visible here.


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