Automatic Lead Generation

Automatic Lead Generation

  1. Go to Setup in the top-right corner of the window.
  2. Click Brand Settings.
  3. Select the Lead Generation tab.
  4. Select a social channel using the tabs at the top of the window. The list of lead generation rules is organized into four columns: Social Action, Criteria, Add as, and Status.
  • The Social Action column lists the various actions that might occur on a social channel, including likes, comments, tweets, mentions, +1s, and direct messages.
  • The Criteria column consists of detailed rules about which actions will trigger Zoho Social to add a Connection as a Lead or a Contact. You can add specific keywords to any rule by clicking +Add Keyword.
  • Use the Add as column to select whether to add Connections to CRM as a Contact or a Lead.
  • The toggle switch in the Status column allows you to turn each rule on or off. Green indicates the rule is active, and gray indicates that it is inactive.

Note: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ each have specific social actions that you can generate leads from. See screenshots below.
Only Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are compatible with Lead Generation at this time. LinkedIn has withdrawn its API integration for Zoho CRM, and Instagram is not yet available as a social network on Zoho CRM.

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