Authenticating your Social Channels

Authenticating your Social Channels

If you're logged into a social page or profile, you can just authorize Zoho Social to access your account. If you aren't logged in, enter your login details and then authorize Zoho Social. Here are notes for individual channels - 

Adding your Facebook page

Before connecting, make sure you have admin rights for your Facebook Page. Only admins will be able to authorize access to Zoho Social.

To use every feature of Zoho Social, make sure all permissions are checked. 

Adding your Twitter account

When you connect your Twitter account, you'll see the following prompt:

Click Authorize app.

Adding your LinkedIn Company Page

Zoho Social is a product for businesses and we recommend that you have a LinkedIn Company Page. If you haven’t connected a Company Page to your LinkedIn account, the screen will display the following message: 

Go to and check to see if your Company Page is connected to your account. Once it's connected, you can select it to connect with Zoho Social. All the relevant information will then be reflected on the dashboard.

Adding your Instagram account

Once you connect your Instagram account, you'll see the following prompt: 

Click Authorize. Your Instagram account will be added to Zoho Social.

Adding your Google+ page

Once you connect your Google+ page, you'll see a prompt like this: 

Click Allow. To understand what each of these permissions mean, click the tool-tip icon. When you click Allow, you'll see a prompt to add the relevant Google+ page:

Click Add to view the information for your Google+ page on your dashboard. 

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