Adding/ Managing Brands

Adding/ Managing Brands

Brands are the subsets of an Organization. A Brand comprises of your Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company page, Twitter Account, Google+ Page and your Instagram Account. It also includes the Brand users for managing all your connected social networks. If you have the Standard or Professional plan, you can use Zoho Social to manage the social network accounts for more than one brand.

In case your company has multiple social profiles catering to various customer segments (based on geography, genre or product), Zoho Social lets you manage these profiles individually by creating Brands for each of them. Thus, with a brand, you can segment your data for each market that your company sells to.

For example, Nike has brands like Nike Football, Nike Golf and Nike Baseball, each with a distinct social presence. With Zoho Social, all these brands can be managed under one Organization. To switch between brands go to the Home screen and click the logo for your brand in the upper left. Choose another brand to make sure your posts always go on the right accounts.
(Note: Managing more than one brand in the Standard plan costs $10 per month for each brand.)

Adding brands

  • Log in to Zoho Social.
  • Click on your brand's logo on the top left.
  • Click Add another brand.
  • Click the social network you'd like to manage for your new brand.
  • Enter your credentials and authenticate.
  • If you're managing a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Facebook account, select the pages you'd like to manage.
  • Click Add.

You can switch between brands at any time by clicking on your brand's logo. as shown below.

Frequently Asked Questions: Brands

  1. How do I switch between my Brands in Zoho Social?
    A. Click on the Brand icon (it's a drop-down menu) and select a Brand from the list to switch.
  2. How do I add new Brands in Zoho Social?
    A. Click on the Brand icon (it's a drop-down menu) and scroll down to find the "Add new Brand" option. You can check how many brands you're allowed to add to your account by referring here.
  3. How do I remove a Brand from my Zoho Social account?
    i. Click your profile picture in the top-right corner to access Settings
    ii. Click Brand information
    iii.Click Delete Brand.
  4. Is it possible to compare multiple Brands in one view?
    A. Sorry, it is not possible at this time.

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