Adding Brands

Adding Brands

In order to add more Brands to your Portal, select your Brand's logo in the top-left corner. In the drop-down box that appears, click Add Another Brand. This will open a pop-up window that lets you set up your new Brand by adding social channels to it. Choose the channels that you want to connect to the brand. Make sure you're logged in to the social media accounts that you want to connect to Zoho Social.

You must add at least one social channel to set up your Brand. If you haven't added all the available social channels while setting up your Brand, you can always add additional channels later. Please note that you will be able to add Brands to the Portal only if you are a Portal Admin.

If your brand has multiple Pages or Profiles under the same network (e.g 2 Facebook Pages for a single brand), you will be prompted to select one Page and/or Profile for each network that you want to manage through Zoho Social. Once you've finished selecting, click Add, and you'll be ready to manage your new Brand from Zoho Social. Only Brand Admins and Portal Admins will be able to add any new social channels on Zoho Social.

Note: When a Portal or Brand Admin connects a new social channel to a Brand, existing team members will not get access to this channel, unless the Admin gives them permission.

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