Adding a New Column

Adding a New Column

You can add columns to the Monitor tab to track social media activity such as posts by particular users, search results of hashtagged keywords, Twitter lists, likes and more. When you sign up for Zoho Social, you'll see the following columns already added for you:

  • Facebook Visitor Posts
  • Twitter Mentions
  • Leads/Contacts

You can remove, rearrange, or add new columns to customize your view based on what matters most for your business.

To add a new column:

  1. Make sure you have more than one social channel connected to your Zoho Social account. Navigate to the Monitor tab. If you have only one social channel connected, you can add the columns relevant to only that particular social channel. (e.g if you've only added your brand's Twitter profile, you can only view Twitter related columns like hashtag search or @mentions under Monitor, and not fields related to other social channels like Facebook page or Instagram profile)
  2. Click the orange + button on the bottom right.
  3. Choose the column you want to add from the Select Column Type panel. It could be a specific user's posts, posts with a particular keyword, etc.
  4. If necessary, search for the keyword or user you're looking for. If you're adding a keyword search column, any post using that keyword will appear in that column, even if it wasn't directed at your account.
  5. Click Save on the bottom right.

Note: To refresh the posts in a column, hover over the top of the column and click the circular arrow.

When you start actively listening to your audience, you won't miss opportunities to delight customers or collect valuable feedback. Make the Monitor tab your own by adding columns relevant to your brand. People mentioning your brand might not remember to tag you in their posts, so make sure you are tracking all the variations of your brand name, with and without the @symbol. You might also want to track the usernames of your competitors and influencers.

Monitoring also includes keyword and hashtag search. Relevant keywords could include your brand name, product name, industry name, etc. Keyword searches can help you learn more about specific industry trends.Columns you might add include:

  • Keyword Search- brand name (without @), industry name, product name
  • Hashtag Search- trending and popular hashtags in your industry
  • Username- your competitors, your influencers
  • Page Search- competitor pages, influencer pages

Here is a table telling you what you can add for each social channel






Page Search







Keyword Search


User Search







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