How many social networks can I simultaneously publish my post?

You can publish your post on all the networks simultaneously.

Can I customize my posts for a specific geographical location?

Yes, posts on Facebook and LinkedIn can be targeted to specific locations while scheduling or publishing.

Is it possible to schedule a post for a certain time of day in all time zones?

Yes, you can publish a Facebook post at the same time of the day in all time zones. For example, if you schedule a post for 9 a.m. PST, it gets scheduled for 9 a.m. in all other time zones.

How do I mention someone on Twitter using Zoho Social?

You can do this exactly how you do it on Twitter: by adding an @ followed by their Twitter handle.

Is it possible to monitor, engage, and analyze my posts for all five social networks?

Yes, based on your plan, you can use these features without any limitations.

Does Zoho Social allow repeating posts?

Yes. You can repeat your posts on a weekly or monthly basis.

Can I post promoted ads in Zoho Social?

It is not possible to publish promoted ads in Zoho Social. However, you can monitor them under the Promoted Posts section in the Posts tab.

How do I remove the "published by Zoho Social" notification in my posts?

There is no way to remove the notification. It is only visible to the user who manages the Facebook page, not to the public.

Why does the link that I entered not generate any thumbnail preview?

If there are no images in the link or if the link is not public, the thumbnail cannot be displayed.

Is it possible to @mention my followers while composing a new tweet?

Yes. You can @mention your followers while composing a new tweet.

Can I schedule multiple posts in one go?

Yes, you can schedule multiple posts in one go using the Bulk Scheduler.

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