How many search columns can I create or manage?

It varies by plan. On the Standard plan, you can create 5 search columns per brand. On the Professional plan, you can create 15 search columns per brand. In both plans, these search columns can include keywords from Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or even Twitter lists and Facebook Pages.

How about creating Twitter lists? Can we do that with Zoho Social?

No, you can only access your existing Twitter lists in the Monitor tab of Zoho Social.

How can I manage my Twitter lists in Zoho Social?

You can access and manage your Twitter lists under Monitor tab. You can also save them as separate columns. (This feature is available on our Standard and Professional plans.)

I'm following a friend on Instagram with a private account, but can't see their posts in Zoho Social. Why so?

The problem you're experiencing is because of a third-party restriction issue from Instagram. That's why you cannot access private accounts via Zoho Social, even if you have the permission.

In the Monitor section, is there a way to see which columns are accessible to which team members?

We have deleted this feature, since all the information is publicly listed. Now, any of the columns can be accessed by any team member. However, a column can only be deleted by the column owner, Brand Admin, or the Organization Admin.

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