The best platform to manage Facebook Pages for your business.

Engage your audience and manage your Facebook Pages—independently or as a team, using a powerful set of publishing, monitoring, and reporting features.

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Publish in more ways than one. 


Best time to post? Just SmartQ it.

Learn the publishing time that works best for you. SmartQ suggests multiple time options to choose from, based on engagement on your previous posts.

Reuse. Republish. Repeat.

Want to remind your followers of an upcoming event? Set a date, time, and frequency to automatically republish your posts as often as you'd like.

Custom targeting, for your posts.

Reaching out to the right people at the right time creates opportunities to grow. Set a target audience and automate your posts to deliver at their local time.​

Analyze what's working for your Facebook Pages.


Identify content types that engage your audience.

Are photos connecting better with your audience than links? Who are your storytellers? Zoom into every published post to gain specific stats.

Dig deeper with in-depth analytics.

Identify your followers, analyze key metrics, and gather insights to strategically plan your next marketing move.

Measure performance with custom reports.

Create unlimited custom-reports, and analyze metrics that matter the most. Share them with your team or clients in the format of your choice.

Discover and monitor key social conversations.

Seeing a new wall post from a follower? Or even better, a positive page mention? Connect and engage right away from your monitoring dashboard. Create columns for your favorite Facebook pages and keep track of their social media updates.


Collaborate with your team to manage multiple pages.

Two heads are often better than one. Take teamwork to a new level with our built-in collaboration feature. Tag your team members to initiate conversations, discuss reports about your brands' performance, learn what your key connections are saying about your business, and more.

Integrate with Facebook Lead Ads and Forms to drive leads to Zoho CRM faster.


Leads in, leads out.

Collect all your leads from Facebook Lead Ads in real time and push them to Zoho CRM, for your sales team to follow up on.

A Lead Form for every Ad.

Create Lead Forms for your ads and sync them with Zoho CRM. Map your fields automatically, track where your leads are coming from, and help your sales team work faster.

Measure ad performance.

Get insight into which ad campaigns are generating the maximum number of leads. View reports to track how these leads contribute to your business's revenue growth.

Manage your Facebook Pages on your favorite smartphones.

A world full of possibilities, right in your pocket. Manage your Facebook Pages wherever you go with our iOS and Android apps for your smartphones.


Start managing your Facebook Pages with Zoho Social.

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