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The unified social media alternative to Buffer

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Zoho Social fills the gaps

There are plenty of tools and software solutions on the market to help businesses plan social media activities better, but they’re not all equal. If you’re comparing Buffer and Zoho Social, here are the gaps Zoho Social fills in making your social media journey smoother.

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There are plenty of tools and software solutions on the market to help businesses plan social media activities better, but they’re not all equal. If you’re comparing Buffer and Zoho Social, here are the gaps Zoho Social fills in making your social media journey smoother.


Manage everything from one place

Zoho Social saves you time by giving you everything in a single place. Schedule, monitor, collaborate, and analyze without having to jump from tool to tool like in Buffer.


Schedule unlimited posts

Zoho Social doesn't limit your scheduled posts—schedule as many as you want. Meanwhile, Buffer only allows 2000 posts.


Change the game with bulk scheduling

Want to schedule multiple posts in a go? We got you! With Zoho Social, you can schedule up to 350 posts by just uploading one CSV/xlsx/Xls file. In Buffer, you have to move to Bulk Buffer separately and import files.


Post at the perfect time with SmartQ

Your posts deserve the right response. Zoho Social's SmartQ feature recommends time slots that will fetch you higher engagement rates.


Work beyond social media marketing

Zoho Social walks you through cross-platform features that make marketing even more effortless. We facilitate the possibility of integrating tools such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, and Canva.

Features Comparison

While choosing the right tool for managing your social media marketing journey, it is necessary to ensure that the one you pick ticks your requirement checklist. Understand how Zoho Social and Buffer compare in terms of essential functionalities.

  • Channels

    Facebook page

    Including Facebook Reels


    Including Instagram Stories


    Including YouTube Shorts

    X (formerly Twitter)  
    Google Business Profile  
  • Publishing and scheduling

    Multichannel publishing  
    Custom scheduling  
    Published posts tab  
    Publishing calendar  
    Alt text  
    Image editor  
    RSS Feeds  

    (But Buffer uses a Feedly integration, so you'll need a paid pro plan in Feedly).

    Media library  
    Hashtag groups  
    Exporting posts as CSV  

    SmartQ fetches you the best time slots to post


    Reschedule scheduled posts whenever you want

    Repeat post

    Repeat and recycle your evergreen posts by using the repeat post feature

    Customize content

    Customize content for every channel as needed

    UTM parameters tracking

    Track URLs posted on your social media channels by setting up UTM parameters

    Facebook geotargeting

    Set your target locations for posts on Facebook.

    Pause queue

    Pause scheduled posts on all your social media channels until you want to resume them

    YouTube integration

    Publish videos, edit description, and analyze video performance

    Unlimited Posts

    Limit on how many posts can be posted using the tool


    (Only 2000 posts)

    Bulk schedule

    Schedule all the posts in one go by uploading a spreadsheet


    (You'll need a separate tool named Bulk Buffer)

    AI publishing assitant  

    (Buffer does not support image suggestions)

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring dashboard  
    Create customized listening columns  
    View engagements on post  
    Monitor Facebook pages, reviews, page searches  
    View and reply to Facebook comments  
    Monitor Instagram hashtags  
    Monitor Youtube likes, dislikes, playlists; moderate comments  

    (Buffer doesn't support YouTube integration)

    X (formerly Twitter) timeline, likes, @mentions, keywords, user search lists  
    GMB questions and reviews  
  • Collaborate

    Messaging No
    Setting up workflows  

    (But you'll need Zapier integration)


    Note down and generate ideas using the Buffer's AI and create post or save them as draft to publish later


    (Comes with a credit limit according to the plan you choose)

  • Analytics

    Channel-specific reports dashboard  
    Custom reports 
    Instagram post reports  
    Audience reports  
    Instagram Reel reports  
    Instagram Stories reports  
    Facebook reports  
    LinkedIn reports  
    YouTube reports  
    X (formerly Twitter) reports  
    TikTok reports  
    Pinterest reports  
    Shopify reports  
  • Inbox


    Inbox on Zoho Social will let you handle all your interactions from the same place, without the hassle of jumping from one place to another.

  • Integrations

    CRM integration

    Generate leads from social media by identifying potential engagements and syncing them to a powerful CRM tool


    Zoho CRM

    Desk integration

    Desk integration Create tickets from social media updates, respond to messages, and offer efficient customer support


    Zoho Desk

    Canva integration

    Create social media designs with a Canva integration without leaving the tool

  • Support

    Knowledge base user guides  
    Onboarding assistance  
    Social media handles  

Pricing comparison

Here we compare the high-end premium plans of Zoho Social and Buffer where we consider 1 brand with 10 channels.

You save 45.83% with Zoho Social




  • Pricing
  • Channels


    (But $12 per channel)

  • Users

    (If you have more than 3 members; you can add more for just $12/member/month)

  • Scheduled posts limit


    2000 per channel

Check out our pricing plans and choose the best one for your needs

Highlights of our best-in-class features for social media growth

Zoho Social is well-built from understanding the most vital and profound social media marketing goals a business/brand would have. While there are other similar social media marketing platforms covering the basic requirements, we dig deeper to provide unique features that make social media management a cakewalk. Here are some of those features that prove why choosing us is a wise decision.

Monitor dashboard
Publishing calendar
Easy rescheduling
CRM integration
Feature Monitor

A dashboard that lets you keep track of engagement metrics that are important to you.

Feature Publishing

A publishing calendar that gives you a complete channel-wise view of scheduled posts. Create posts from the calendar and reschedule by just dragging and dropping.

Feature Collaboration

Collaborate and work with team members by sharing drafts, assigning roles, and setting up workflows.

Feature Smartq

Rescheduling on Zoho Social is the easiest—just drag and drop the scheduled post to the date you want to post it.


SmartQ fetches you the best time slots to publish your posts by analyzing the highest engagement rates.

Feature Geo Targeting

Target the right set of audiences at the right time on Facebook by using the Geotargeting feature to post to specific regions.

Feature CRM Integration

Generate leads from social media by identifying potential engagements and syncing them to a powerful CRM tool.

Why choose Zoho?

Operating with the motto of creating software to solve business problems, Zoho has been serving the global community for over 24 years. Throughout the journey, we've prioritized the needs of customers and met the demand of a rapidly growing business market.

Along these lines, Zoho Social is tailor made for every business aiming to maximize its social media and manage it in a better way. Zoho Social cultivates ultimate solutions brands require to face social media marketing challenges. By choosing Zoho Social, you'll finally have the right tool to manage social media marketing for your brands effectively.

  • Privacy first

    At Zoho, we priortize your privacy and never own your data nor use any of your information to run marketing activities.

  • Truly free product trials

    We offer free trials for products, so you can understand them and use them before purchasing. No credit card information is required.

  • Transparent pricing

    You pay what you see! We never add any hidden costs to any of our products. All of our products' pricing pages are transparent.

  • No-long term contracts

    We never use long-term contracts that trap you.

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