Your Signature Elements

Your own business logo, favicon and custom footer are the essential contributors to the unique identity of your website. Upload them using Zoho Sites builder and get recognized easily by your visitors.

Visual Editor for themes

Without writing a single line of code, you can re-paint any theme by modifying elements like background image, font style, size, color and more, so that it looks just the way you want.

Advanced HTML / CSS Editor

The HTML editor is ideal for the web developers who want to go little extra. If you are a developer, you can customize existing themes, or manage your own HTML/CSS files.

Webfont Library

Zoho sites provides you with a collection of web fonts ranging from the conventional fonts to the modern ones. This library gives wider choice of text styles to choose from.

Custom 404 Pages

You now have the option to customize your 404 page. Make your visitors feel good when they get lost on web.