Elements are used when you decide to add content to your website. There are so many elements in Zoho Sites like Heading, Paragraph, Image, Highlight Box, Table, Column, Photo Gallery, Slide show, Audio, Video, SWF, Button and Embed. These elements help you add various types of contents to you website.








Any new content that you add to your website needs to have a heading so that your website visitors would know what it is without having to go through each and every line of text. That is why you have the 'Heading ' element in Zoho site builder. Just drag and drop the heading element to the place where you would like to add it and you can edit the default heading and set a heading of your choice.









Want to add text to your webpage? Simply drag and drop the 'Paragraph' element to the content area of your webpage and start typing the content. You can add many paragraph elements to the same page and can also move the text in the paragraph element from one place to another in the same webpage.


Zoho Sites provides a wide array of fonts for users to choose from. Users can now choose from 350+ fonts that are available in the Zoho site builder.
To choose a different font for the text that you have entered in the content area of your website, highlight the text, click on the 'Font' option in the drop-down menu of the properties window that would pop-up, scroll down and click on the 'More Fonts' button to access the font library. You may also choose your preferred font from the font library from the Visual Editor.



This is most suitable when you need multiple columns of data on your webpage. It contains two plain text elements by default. But you can remove any of them and add other elements.

Another option is to switch between two and three columns. Use the formatting options to choose between the two, and also to configure the proportion of each element.

Highlight box:

You regularly post great content on your website but not all website visitors would find it feasible to read all the contents of your website. 'Highlight Box' is one of our latest features that lets you give prominence to a part of the content.

The main functionality of this highlight box is to boost visibility to important contents in your website. Once you have the highlight box element added to your website, you can drag and drop any other element(s) inside the highlight box to make it appear distinguished from normal content in your webpage.

Photo Gallery:

To add multiple images to your webpage, the best option to use is the Photo Gallery element. You can add photos to your webpage, create a gallery and display it on your webpage in various designs or formats  using the menu available for photo gallery widget.

You also have the option to add captions to your photos, select the gallery type, choose the number of rows and columns, set the spacing level and organize your gallery etc.


Any website that you build needs to have information displayed in appropriate and interactive manner. Slideshow is an excellent way to display information such as images in an organized and compact manner.

Using  the slideshow element in Zoho site builder, you will be able to add images to slideshow on your webpage, set the slideshow style, transition type, time taken to transition and organize the images added to the slideshow.



A button is considered as an interactive element due to the fact that it keeps the website visitors engaged. Buttons can be added to your website and linked to an external website, another page within your website,  email address, phone number and any file that you have uploaded to your  website.

Button Anchors:
A button anchor allows you to direct visitors to a different page on your website when they click on a button. To do this you can add a link to a button that points to a different page or to specific content on another page of your website. For example, you can add a contact button on your home page and link the button to a form on your "Contact Us" page.
To make use of the button anchor, navigate to the page/section where you want the button to be linked to, click on it, and in the properties window that pops-up, click on the Anchor icon and create an anchor. Once the anchor is created, navigate to the page where you want to add the button, drag-n-drop the button element, click on the 'Page' option, enter a name for your button, from the 'Select Page' drop-down menu, choose the page in which you have created the anchor, enter the anchor name and save the changes.
To create an audio playlist on your web page, simply click on the audio element. Upload the desired file and add to your webpage.

You can add as many audio files as you want, picking one at a time.


The video picker widget helps you search and embed Youtube and Vimeo videos on your website, without leaving your builder. To add a video on your website, simply click on the Video element and search for the video.

Out of the list, select the ones that you want to add to your website.


If you want to embed widgets or content on your website from other websites, simply use the Embed element. The Embed element is exclusively for including iframe or Object snippets into your websites.

There  are two types of embed options - Embed HTML and Code Snippet. Note that iframe and Objects can only be inserted using this Embed element. They will be removed from anywhere else you add them. 



This  element is specifically for flash files. Once you include this element,  use the file manager to locate and upload the flash file from your computer.


The 'Table' element introduces a table properties dialog box as below. On it, you need to specify the number of rows and columns your table should be created with.

As your need evolves, you can format your table properties anytime after you create it.
Image Re-sizer:
Image re-sizer allows you to alter the size of images directly on your website pages by simply dragging to fit the design layout. To resize an image, hover cursor over the image and drag from the bottom right corner.
Copy Or Move:
To copy an element from one page to another page, click on the Move/Copy widget and choose the destination page to move/copy that content.