US-based technology solutions company, Ux Tech, grows with Zoho Sites

The company

Ux Tech strives to untangle complex technological knots with effective technological solutions. In particular, they offer their services and guidance to SAP customers by engaging SAP architects to solve tech challenges.

Founded in 2018 by Madhu K. Guthikonda, a former SAP employee and certified cybersecurity professional, Ux Tech offers services in enterprise software (SAP) technology consulting, and technology-agnostic cybersecurity services. The company caters to North American clients, particularly SAP customers or those seeking guidance on NIST cyber security standards.

"I am a certified cyber security professional. So, that is also a part of my company's offerings. We help companies that emphasize on adhering to specific cyber security protocols. In the US, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework is one such guideline that helps businesses comprehend, manage, and mitigate cybersecurity risks while safeguarding their data."  

- Madhu K. Guthikonda, Founder, Ux Tech 

The challenge

Ux Tech has been in business for over five years now and knew from the start that establishing a web presence was crucial. "I started my website before the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, when our customers or others still hadn't embraced the idea of getting services remotely delivered," Guthikonda explained. To combat this, they wanted to create a website as a digital storefront to enhance credibility, increase traffic, and gradually boost sales for their new company.

As a service-based company venturing into online services, Ux Tech anticipated customers reaching out online for queries or to record complaints. Guthikonda wanted to build a website that could have forms or be integrated with customer service helpdesk software. The company required a website that was not isolated but was a part of a comprehensive system to record, manage, and plan all communication and data while avoiding a code-heavy approach.

The solution

Ux Tech explored a few options before deciding on a solution. "Initially, we considered deploying a lightweight site on AWS, but we understood that an ecosystem of applications aids in deploying a digital company," Guthikonda explained. "It's not just a website builder; it's about skillfully connecting it with CRM, our mail client, and other applications."

A simple online search for a website builder led him to Zoho Sites, and he decided to use that to put Ux Tech online. He found the website creation on Zoho Sites easy and quick. In addition, he emphasized that the site administration is easier and the user interface is good and lightweight.

"All other ancillary connections like our customer support app, CRM, and mail are all provided by Zoho, which enabled me to build a connected organizational structure within days." 

- Madhu K. Guthikonda, Founder, Ux Tech 

For instance, integrating Ux Tech with Zoho Desk has helped him manage customer inquiries, concerns, and complaints better. Similarly, its integration with Zoho CRM enables information to flow to CRM, helping manage customer communication more effectively.

Benefits & ROI

Guthikonda was acquainted with website building but he wasn't entirely confident in his ability to get it done. "Zoho Sites gave me a tool to deploy my website in less than 60 days," he boasted. He feels the website has definitely improved business credibility and has positively impacted website traffic and sales.

"Our website traffic has grown around 30% year-on-year. We have also observed a year-on-year revenue growth of around 20%. This can be attributed to our web presence."  

- Madhu K. Guthikonda, Founder, Ux Tech 

Looking forward

In the coming years, the company views blogging as a crucial avenue, aiming to delve into niche technology topics and extend its reach to a broader audience. "We want to pen blogs on topics related to cyber security and new emerging technologies like AI and its use cases, and other SAP technology topics related to security," explained Guthikonda.

The focus will be on imparting valuable information, fostering a vibrant community, and recognizing blogs as a strategic tool to attract website traffic and steadily grow as a business.

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