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With all the tools you'll ever need, Zoho Sites is everything websites, for every business.


"To cap it off, Zoho Sites' sites are mobile-friendly by default."


Build Business Website for any vertical

Whatever service you offer, whatever commodity you sell, nothing speaks for you louder than a website. Zoho Sites offers pre-built themes and layouts to easily get started with your free business website. Or, you could even build a business website from scratch.

Dynamic content management

The best business websites are updated frequently. To easily do it, such data is stored on a Zoho Creator database. It is accessed and edited using a simple online form. So whenever you want to update your business website, you just modify the database. Your website is updated automatically.

Online Forms

Collecting business-essential data from your visitors is easy using online forms. Zoho Sites has a gallery of contact form, surveys, event registration form and more. You can insert any of them into your website, customize them to suit your requirement, or even build your own online form for any unique need.

Google Apps friendly

Zoho Sites is already integrated with Google Apps Marketplace. So if you are running your business on GApps, you can create and manage your website with Zoho Sites, alongside your other business applications. Zoho Sites fetches your Google contacts and GApps users, enabling you to collaborate efficiently.


Your business website will be all about you. You can totally customize your website, so that it has no reference to anything else but you. And your business, of course. Zoho Sites lets you personalize even the built-in templates, in addition to supporting your own HTML files, and allows custom logo, banner and favicon too.

Mobile Websites

For you to take advantage of the mobile revolution, a mobile website is automatically generated, effortlessly. Your business website looks great, regardless of the device it is viewed on. The mobile version will instantly reflect changes made to the original website, so that you don't have any manual updates or configuration to do.