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New in Zoho Sites: PayPal and Google Checkout Payment Buttons, and more.

This being the first feature update since the release of Zoho Sites, we tried to introduce something for everyone who wants to set up a...

Zoho Sites 2 min read

Zoho Sites; The Newest Website Builder At Google Apps Marketplace

At Zoho, we strive for ideas to run a business with ease, and then transform those ideas into easy-to-use business applications. Realization of yet another...

Zoho Sites 1 min read

Zoho Sites – Afterparty!

Last week was definitely a milestone for us. It was when we expanded our portfolio with Zoho Sites, a do-it-yourself website builder. After a week...

Zoho Sites 1 min read

Introducing Zoho Sites, Free Website Builder for your Business​

We are excited to announce a new addition to our broad application portfolio; Zoho Sites. This new application is a website builder aimed at simplifying...

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