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Collect data, map it automatically to templates, and get documents securely signed with Zoho Sign and Zoho Forms.

Struggling to collect, manage, and protect sensitive and important paperwork? Switch to secure digital data collection and signing by integrating Zoho Sign with Zoho Forms.

Map fields to document templates

Skip manually filling out hundreds of documents by automatically mapping field data to custom templates. Then, simply send these documents for signatures. Save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency with field mapping.

Map fields to document templates

View form entries, track signing status, and generate reports

View the data collected through your forms, and track the signing status of associated documents in real time without switching apps. Generate detailed reports, and access the document and user activities in just a few clicks.

View form entries, track signing status

Embed URLs and QR codes

Collect user data through your forms and easily redirect users to sign documents by sharing a URL, embedding the form link on your website, or having them scan a QR code.

Embed URLs and QR codes
Embed URLs and QR codes

Optimize Zoho Forms to collect signatures upon form submission

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    Send manually

    Manually send the document to be signed to recipients after receiving their details in form entries on Zoho Forms.

  • 02

    Email documents

    Automatically send the document for signature to the recipients’ inbox via email according to the details entered on the form.

  • 03

    Redirect to Zoho Sign document

    Automatically redirect the user filling out your form on Zoho Forms to the document they must sign upon form submission.

Optimize Zoho Forms to collect signatures
  • Traditional signing workflow

  • When using Zoho Sign with Zoho Forms

Why integrate Zoho Sign with Zoho Forms?

  • No compromise compliance and security

    With Zoho Sign, your digital signature is protected with military-grade cryptographic techniques. You can also establish audit trails to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of signed documents. Integrating with Zoho Forms, ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, too. Worry no more about document tampering or forgery when you opt for Zoho Sign.

  • Collect, circulate, approve, and sign—all from one platform

    Manage all your forms and signed documents from a single location. Collect recipient data via forms; circulate it as QR codes, public URLs, or embed the form link onto websites; and collect secure signatures. Do all of this without switching apps.

  • Pay less by going paperless

    Digital signatures are safer, swifter, simpler, and environment-friendly. Save 50 hours per employee every year, save on printing, mailing, and storage costs, and speed up document turnaround time by 80% by going paperless with Zoho Sign. More about digital signatures.

  • Streamlined signing

    Request form approval, collaborate, view, and sign from within Zoho Forms. Map fields and manage documents sent for signing with ease from within Forms. Simplify your data collection and signing workflow with Zoho Sign for Zoho Forms.

  • Tight integration

    Zoho Sign integrates with Zoho Forms in just three clicks. Enjoy the benefits of Zoho Sign, such as template creation, auto-filling fields, tracking document status in real time, and generating reports, from the comfort of your Zoho Forms account.

Collect data, map information, sign securely



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