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Streamline paperwork

Focus more time on transforming lives around the globe by going digital with your paperwork. Zoho Sign uses e-signatures to simplify processes, improving your productivity and overall experience. We also offer a special discounted price and priority technical support for nonprofits.

Popular use cases


Legally binding

Digital signatures are valid in the courts of law for the majority of documents. Zoho Sign offers a tamper-proof seal, certificate of completion, blockchain-based timestamping, and much more to encourage you digitally sign documents with confidence.


Boost productivity

Digitally sign documents yourself or collect signatures from multiple signers in just a few clicks. Convert frequently used documents like non-disclosure agreements, sales contracts, and client engagement documents into templates to improve productivity and overall document turnaround time.


Improve governance

Store and manage all confidential documents from a centralized location and track user activities in real time with our comprehensive audit trails to improve visibility and reduce risks.


Mobile access

Sign, send, and manage documents from anywhere and at any time with our native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Get more of your work done on the move and keep your stakeholders happy.

Want to know the legality of e-signatures in your country?

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