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Customers today want every part of the banking and financial process to be digitized and accessible from their mobile devices, but going digital can be difficult in an industry that depends so heavily on handwritten signatures. With Zoho Sign, you can switch to e-signatures, expedite paperwork, and close transactions faster than ever.

Popular use cases


Legally binding

Digital signatures are considered valid in courts of law for most financial documents around the globe. All documents signed using Zoho Sign are legally binding and comply with the ESIGN ACT, UETA, EIDAS, and other international laws.


Highly secure

Zoho Sign offers the highest levels of data security for your confidential documents using PKI (public key infrastructure). Advanced features include a tamper-proof seal, certificate of completion, and blockchain-based timestamping to help you digitally sign documents with confidence.


Easy to manage

In addition to improving the overall document turnaround time, digital signature software also helps you restrict access to important documents, manage sensitive material securely, and track activities in real time to improve visibility and reduce risks.


Perfect for mobile access

Sign, send, and manage documents from anywhere using our native mobile apps for Android and iOS. Our in-person signing feature also allows you to get documents signed digitally while sitting across the table.

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