Inactive accounts cleanup policy for Zoho Sign

Zoho reserves the right to close unpaid accounts that are inactive for more than 120 days. Account termination is only completed after prior email notice to the user about possible data deletion and the option to back up the data.

To learn more about Zoho's data retention and disposal, click here.

Zoho Sign classifies an account as inactive if:

  • The account is in the Free plan.
  • No documents have been sent for signature in the last 120 days.
  • No documents have been signed in the last 120 days.

Account deactivation process

  1. Once the inactive account is identified, the Zoho Sign system will generate two reminder emails in the span of 15 days to the account's admin about possible account termination and data loss. If the user wishes to retain that account, they can start to use it again during this time.
  2. If the account is not used 15 days after the final reminder email, the Zoho Sign system will automatically close the account.

How to back up Zoho Sign account documents

There are two main ways to back up your documents: 

  •  If the document count is minimal, you may download them individually.
  •  If you'd like to download a large quantity of documents, you can write to us at and we will help you with the bulk download process.